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Aerial Photography by Andrew Holt

I produce world-wide aerial photography and video from aircraft, helicopter or UAV remote controlled aircraft. Pictures can be taken from oblique and vertical angles, GPS referenced and tiled together if required. Image-stabilised camera equipment helps to keep flight images sharp in low light or with fast-moving subjects.

Natural geography, urban and rural environments and man-made structures are shown in a unique three-dimensional way from the air.

Client groups include property developers and architects, design and advertising agencies, construction and transport, PR and Government.

Please phone me now on 020 8444 1888 to discuss your requirement (or preferably complete form on our contact page).


Additional Information


aerial images


It's all very well taking pictures of buildings from the front or the side but to really show them off in their best light a series of aerial images can portray them in just the right way. Property developers can make their new projects stand out from the rest by commissioning a series of images to be taken of their new projects. The tourism industry regularly uses aerial images to promote a number of locations to their clients. Popular tourist spots in countries all over the world can look highly tempting if they are captured imaginatively on film. Venues like London in England are steeped in history and they have magnificent buildings that tourists want to see. As part of a promotional campaign brochures containing all of the local attractions can be published and they can be crammed full of aerial images of fine buildings such as St Paul`s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and Shakespeare`s Globe theatre. The aerial photographer that takes the images can work from a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. All the images captured benefit from image stabilization equipment which helps with the sharpness of the pictures. Pictures taken from the ground are fine in their own way but snaps taken from the air show buildings and landscapes off in a totally different way.


London Aerial Photographer


It's amazing how much detail can be captured when you look at images taken by an aerial photographer. I was looking at an overhead snap of Old Trafford the other day, which is Manchester United`s home stadium. This vast sporting venue was captured in all its glory by a talented photographer. Football grounds are just some of the structures that can be caught on camera as the aerial photographer can take any type of feature that the customer likes. It could be a special event that is being hosted such as on outdoor concert and series of sharp images need to be taken from above. Cities like London are awash with historic buildings that look amazing when they are captured on film. Sites such as the Tower of London or the Houses of Parliament will always prove to be popular, as will modern features such as the O2 Dome or the London Eye. A customer might have a specific brief for the aerial photographer and the work might be for the tourism industry, construction industry, or many other sectors. Look at images that have been captured from above and they can show a variety of subjects from a rather unusual perspective.


london aerial photography


Sometimes you need to be above buildings to really appreciate their true size. Looking down on a building it`s easier to see how much square footage that it takes up. The best way to view buildings from above in areas like London is to utilise london aerial photography. Helicopters or fixed wing aircraft can be used to capture a wealth of wonderful images. You might want buildings photographed as part of a marketing campaign if you are trying to sell them in the future. Armed with a series of sharp images you can show prospective buyers just what the buildings look like from all angles. In the capital of the UK there are a number of amazing buildings that will look stunning when they are captured by london aerial photography. The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, London Eye or Houses of Parliament all look wonderful when they are captured on film from the sky above. It`s not just buildings that can be photographed to good effect as numerous landscapes can be shot from the air. Think of images of Hyde Park on an autumnal day or scenes of the River Thames with a host of boats upon it. From pictures of various types of transport to industrial locations, london aerial photography can captivate scenes from everyday life in a highly unique way.


aerial photography


`Over the years many businesses have put Aerial photography to good use yet it has proved to be a costly venture for them because of the need for planes or helicopters to be used. Recent advances have made Aerial photography more affordable for businesses and any companies who might have shied away from it in the past due to cost, will now find it a viable proposition. Instead of using helicopters or planes to capture the Aerial photography companies can now utilise four-wheeled drive vehicles that have a roof mast fitted to them. The roof mast can extend to a height of 26.5meteres and a camera is perched at the top of it. This is no ordinary camera though; it`s an advanced piece of equipment that`s linked to a computer inside the vehicle. Top quality and highly detailed images are captured by the camera and they can be given to the client on a disk straight after the shoot has been completed. Businesses can use this type of Aerial photography and they`ll find it can be put to good use in many sectors. As you would expect the service that is provided by the Aerial photography teams is exceptional and they leave many happy customers with amazing aerial shots. `